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Official Distributors of the The Basics Woman in North America

Crampeezy Tea

For menstrual cramps and PMS

Crampeezy Tea is a natural brew to reduce period woes so you feel your best during that time of the month. It replaces your pain killer and is better for your liver and digestive health.


Recommended usage: 2-3 cups of tea on the day you experience period cramps.


10 Bags
(1 pack)

$ 15.00


20 Bags
120g (60g x 2 packs)

$ 25.00
(You save $5.00)


30 Bags
180g (60g x 3 packs)

$ 37.00
(You save $8.00)


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Founder Story


It all started when Suchita (Founder of The Basics) was diagnosed with PCOS herself. She was prescribed the pill and while it did mask her symptoms it didn’t really solve the issue at its core. She wanted a sustainable long-term solution rather than a quick fix, because she knew that once she stopped taking the medication her symptoms would resurface. And that’s when she decided to come up with a solution herself. Through research, endless trials, guidance of Ayurvedic doctors and her own nutritional experience, Suchita came up with a natural and holistic approach to manage her PCOS. Along with making significant lifestyle and nutritional changes by using the power of food and exercise to heal, she also created the Herbal PCOS Tea- a powerful hormone balancing blend containing everything that’s amazing for PCOS in a brew.


How does one use this tea?

How long does it take to see results?

How many cups can I consume in a day?

When is the best time to consume this tea?

Are there side effects?

Can I take this with painkillers?

Can I reuse the tea bag?

Can I consume this tea if I am trying to conceive?

Am I supposed to take this tea daily or only when I experience period cramps?

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