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Official Distributors of the The Basics Woman in North America

Herbal PCOS Tea 

For PCOS, hormonal imbalance, and irregular periods.


This delicious brew has a blend of natural ingredients that manages your PCOS symptoms and keeps your hormones happy!

Recommended usage: Consume 2 cups daily for at least 3 months including other lifestyle changes for PCOS.


30 Cups
(1 p

$ 25.00


60 Cups

120g (60g x 2 packs)

$ 44.00

(You save $6.00)


90 Cups
180g (60g x 3 packs)

$ 65.00
(You save $10.00)


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How to Use

Founder Story


It all started when Suchita (Founder of The Basics) was diagnosed with PCOS herself. She was prescribed the pill and while it did mask her symptoms it didn’t really solve the issue at its core. She wanted a sustainable long-term solution rather than a quick fix, because she knew that once she stopped taking the medication her symptoms would resurface. And that’s when she decided to come up with a solution herself. Through research, endless trials, guidance of Ayurvedic doctors and her own nutritional experience, Suchita came up with a natural and holistic approach to manage her PCOS. Along with making significant lifestyle and nutritional changes by using the power of food and exercise to heal, she also created the Herbal PCOS Tea- a powerful hormone balancing blend containing everything that’s amazing for PCOS in a brew.


What’s the best time to drink the tea?

How long does it take to see results?

How many cups can I consume in a day?

Can you take it while trying to conceive?

Can pregnant women take it?

Can lactating mothers take it?

Do I need to be diagnosed with PCOS to consume this tea?

Will this cure my PCOS?

For how long can I take the tea? What happens once I stop taking the tea, will my symptoms resurface?

Do I need to follow a specific diet while taking the tea?

Can men take the tea?

Happy Customers



U survived me

PCOS WITH 11cc and 13cc 
I was so upset with everything. My main problem was not my periods getting delayed but my behaviour the restlessness , the anxiety, frustration, short tempered no more playful and nice mommy to my 2 little butterflies. And seriously just within 10 days’ i survived i am again the same mommy who never shouts on them and scolds them. Plays with them no more frustration no more bundles of tears at every instance. I am good i am better. And yes dont know after how many years i got my periods in 35 days. Just by taking tea for 10 days. I love u so much. My duas are with u thank you for everything. Ofcourse i have changed my lifestyle my eating habits and many things with this tea and it has worked 

    I recommend this product

Monalisha dash

The basics pcos tea best products 

Thank you so much pcos tea it's the bast product for pcos

     I recommend this product

Prathiba R

Unbelievable - but this works!!!

After my pregnancy I got my period after a year .But after the 2nd month I didn't get it again for 2 months and that's when I started drinking this tea.I had this twice a day as recommended and not even a week later starting i noticed some spotting, 2 days later I got my period! This is a 100% honest review.Will be following for a few more months and update what happens.
Really a miracle product.

P S : before my pregnancy I only used to get my periods with OCP pills and never naturally. 

    I recommend this product

Disha Jain

Have had a great experience using the PCOS tea. It has helped with my stomach during my period, also with my mood during my period. Makes me feel good and happy.

     I recommend this product


Simple and best for PCOS

Highly recommend, I have consumed this tea for one month and results are amazing. My bloating issue is solved and facial hair also reduced. After trying every medicine this pcos tea worked like a miracle for me. Thank you The Basics Women!!

     I recommend this product



I have been taking this tea regularly for about 50 days now, and I barely started the second bag, meaning that my first one lasted me more than 30 days. 
I have been taking it twice a day ( I don't know if I did wrong- I wanted to leave it overnight to kind of marinate and ... I hope I didn't make any mistake because the instructions suggested only 5 mins) and I unfortunately found that 1 tsp a cup was not enough, 1 tsp being less than 2 grams, the amount I later saw on this website that I should been taking.
I got my period around 30 days after my last one, which is a win, considering the fact that I get mine around in a around 3-month cycle.
Acne was the same, back acne same - and I'm thinking it might be because of the sugar and unhealthy things I eat-
The tea tastes great, I hope my next period will come as scheduled and that I'll have reduced PCOS symptoms.
    Recommending this tea.


Waiting for better results 

Tea is wonderful i have been using it for 15 days and my white discharge has been reduced drastically I was tired keeping myself medicated ,my moods swings can be controlled ,looking forward to have many more changes

Umayya mehrin

Life saver tea

With pcos, i never thought i would overcome my symptoms so easily and also mentally. The basics PCOS tea is life saver for me. It helped me in many ways. From regulating my periods to overcoming moodswings, list goes on. My acne is reduced. Whenever at some point i get stress, i have miracle tea and voila it does help. I love the ingredients and the taste. Im glad i came across this tea, its been more than 5 months im consuming it regularly.

Kashmir Mallick

Waiting for it to work ....

Its been 3 weeks am having this tea regularly twice a day it has helped me with my fatigue though ...I know it will take time to suit my body will wait for my periods overall am loving it though ...

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