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Meditating in Nature


We at Chelsea Distributors believe that everyone should have access to a healthy & natural lifestyle without the need to compromise. We curate products from all around the world that allow you to build your own unique & wholesome lifestyle using some of the most authentic ingredients & recipes.


A yogi, a techie, an analyst, and a philanthropist walk into a bar…in India. And so, the idea for Chelsea Distributors is born on a warm Bombay night.

Karan’s yoga retreats throughout India have taken him to some of the most nature filled corners of the country, where he encountered various locals creating products from and for their surroundings. Inspired by Karan’s travels and the desire for a more mindful lifestyle, Pejana fell in love with many of these products and envisioned sharing that enthusiasm with the people around her. After thorough analysis of the market, she co-founded Chelsea Distributors LLC – a distributor that provides a curated collection of natural lifestyle products to the US market. Varun brings the technical expertise ensuring that each online customer journey is personalized and seamless. Anisa is the sustainability expert behind all our imports and oversees our EMEA efforts.

With a combined professional experience of 45 years, we bring to you our passion project focusing on mindful consumption and clean living. 

Natural Cosmetics
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